Alumni of Fatoni University appointed as Deputy Director of Islamic College in Yunnan, China

by Adnmin
in FTUNews

On 3 April 2018, Asst. Prof.Maslan Mahama, Deputy Rector for Social Services and Information, revealed that on the occasion of the trip with the team. Visit the Alumni And the Muslims in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.
In addition to visiting the beauty in many areas, also have the opportunity to visit the Institute The Xida Islamic Education College is a private Islamic school in Shardian town. There are about 400 students. One of these is Dr. Yusuf, who completed his master's degree in Arabic from Fatoni University.  Now serving as deputy director.

Asst. Prof.Maslan Mahama, That said. Our team was welcomed by the college administrators. With briefing and visiting the buildings. And another interesting is. When asked  how many students want to study at Fatoni University,  Most Reply "We want to study at the Fatoni University."






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